Friday, June 21, 2024

Our Choices

А. Staying in the hotel:

Staying in the complex offers the lodgers many choices. Carefree rest and relaxation in Jacuzzi, enoying the heated pool and the coziness of the fireplace during winter days. 

B. Nature walks and sightseeing:

Guests have the possibility to walk along the Setrachos river, visit spring waters and the traditional Kikkos watermill. C. Pilgrimage

Guests have the possibility to visit St. John’s Lampadist Monastery , as well the Holy Mary’s Church (“Panagia Theoskepasti”) and other Byzantine churches and chapels situated in the Kalopanayotis village and other villages in the region.

D. Action:

Safari on quadrocycles which will let every guest enjoy the rare natural beauty and search the inaccessible regions of Marathasa valley. It may be organized on preliminary agreement. Bicycle riding, jogging, strolling, fishing on the Kalopanayotis dam, while enjoying the natural beauty and local smells.

If one wishes to use their car,  possible destinations are Troodos, Holy Mary churches – Trooditissa, Trikoutsia, Kykkos, Kalidonia which is a real decoration / natural track, as well as Tzelefou Bridge.