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Agrotourism Cyprus Houses/ Vasilikis'House

  • Agrotourism Cyprus Houses / Vasilikis'House

Agrotourism Cyprus Houses / Vasilikis'House

“Palataki tis Vasilikis” (Vasilikis'House) is a picturesque agrotourism house in Kalopanayotis. It was Vasiliki Misirli Haralampous family home which she inherited from er parents, Antigoni and Andreas Misirlis. For many years the house was on the road level, it was a porch of the village coffee house, famous fot its delicious donuts, “Elias’ coffee house”.

It’s a three-story traditional buiding with a panoramic view to St.John Lampadist Monastery, Troulinos Mountains with St.Mavri, and the Virgin of Mercy as well as Marathos Mountain and Prophet Elias chapel.

The building was inherited by Vasiliki’s Haralampous Misirli daughter, Andriane, who, together with her husband, restored the house in 2014 via the Small and Medium enterprises Financial Help Plan for the promotion of Countryside Agroutourism.