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Kalopanayotis  is one of the most interesting Cyprus resorts. It is situated 700 m from the sea level and only 70 km from the capital, Nicosia, and Limassol.

A specific attraction and a village trademark is the St.John Lampadist Monastery.

Kalopanayotis lays in the green valley of Setrachos river on the northern hillsides of Troodos mountain. It is one of 14 Marathasa villages and belongs to Nicosia province. It is situated 70 kilometers from Nicosia and Limassol.


One can get to Kalopanayotis from Nicosia following the Kalopanayotis-Kikkos road via Astromeritis – Koutrafa. From Limassol, following the road to Kalopanayotis-Kikkos via Saita – Kato Amiantou – Kakopetria – Eyrichou.


Cyprus is characterized by mild Mediterranian climate, but the temperature in mountain regions is quitelower than the temperature on plain, especially in summer. Summer in Kalopanayotis is cool, in spring and in autumn the temperature is very pleasant, the winter is mild, there is not much snow, sometimes it rains. Median everyday temperature during te hot summer months is 26° Celsius and during cold winter month - 12°C. Blue sky, clean atmosphere and sunshine which lasts on the average 6 hours a day over the year are characteristic of the local climate. 


Four seasons

In winter there’s no sensation of cold, as the village is situated at the bottom of Olympus mountain range and is protected from freezing winter winds. In winter the landscape of Setrachos riverbed, with its water gurgling, tall elms, leafless plane trees and alder trees acquires mysterious appearance. Rarely white snow falls to decorate the nature, then the fruit tree in the orchards, the church bell-towers, roofs and chimneys of the houses with wooden balconies remind scenes taken from the Christmas fairytales.