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The bulding consists of 3 appartments-suites (street level – “Vasiliki” apartment, medium level “Andriane” apartment and the basement “Antigoni” appartment.). The names of the appartments mean the three generations who used to live and still live here. Antigoni was Andriane’s grandmother and Vasiliki’s mother. Vasiliki is Andriane’s mother and Andriane is Antigoni’s grand-daughter and Vasiliki’s daughter.

It consists of two two-bedroom appartments – suites (Vasiliki, Andriane) and one one-bedroom apartment-suite (Antigoni).  

The fireplaces, hand-made crafted wooden bed-heads and bed-heads decorated with traditional white fabric (“sklouverka”), hand-made traditional furniture, pictures with local landscapes and those depicting Cyprus traditions add unique spirit of nobility to the appartments.   

The appartments are fully equipped with air conditioning (hot and cold air), LCD television, CD-DVD player, money safe, hair-dryer, iron, fully-equipped kitchen, sitting-room and porch furniture, heated clothes hanger for bath towels, refrigerator, ceramic cooking surface, toaster, electric cattle, frappe-making device and free Wi-Fi in all the areas. In “Vasiliki” and “Andriane” appartments there is a hot tub panel, while in “Antigone” apartment there is a Jacuzzi. “Vasiliki” and “Andriane” appartments have their own balconies, properly equipped and decorated. The “Antigone” apartment has a small yard, properly equipped and decorated as well. Beside thr aristocratic traditional apartments with their warmth and coziness, there is a big inner yard which may be used by any lodger at any time.

The inner yard used to be Vangela’s “chalospifkia” (old, half-ruined buildings) bought by grandfather Andreas Misirlis (Antigoni’s Triselioti husband), it consists of two levels (in the language of villagers “fkio” means big structures).

1st level

Heated pool: In the old times, as the villagers never had the opportunity to visit the sea, they bathed in the pools. That’s how we decided to construct a modern heated pool. The pool is equipped wih sunbeds and umbrellas.

The water, the blue color, the combination of stone and local green, the amphitheatric shape of the village, the St. John Lampadist’s monastery and the bell-towers around, the mountains and the unbelievable view all together comprise a small heaven on earth.

All of these create the best conditions for rest and relaxation.

2nd level:

Yard with garden furniture, barbeque, seamless panoramic view and gentle cool wind. Every guest may enjoy it or feel nostalgic recalling old times. This is the best environment for anyone to escape the pressure and the everyday stress. The inner yard is decorated with 1781 ceramic jars, with beautiful trees and plants which develop in Marathasa region.

It should be noted that there is no lifeguard at the pool, and every lodger should use it at their own responsibility. There are all the appropriate signs for the safety of the swimmers (depth, hygiene rules, woring hours). In the lower level of the yard there is a “Coop”, maybe the most modern worldwide, which was transformed into a modern storehouse covering the needs of the building.